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  • How to Maintain a Soft and Supple Stubbly Beard

    The stubble beard started with a bad rep – only pirates, drunks, and convicts sported them! But in the 1980s, the fashion world rebranded stubble as a designer style and celebrities began to endorse the look. Chris Daughtry, George Michael, and Karamo Brown have all endorsed stubble as a style and look. But why is […]

  • Beard Growth Oil Options – What You Need to Know

    Before you go out and purchase a beard growth oil, it is best to read up on its ingredients and how it is best applied. Also, it is important to know that beards get thirsty without adequate water, so be sure to apply a moisturizer or beard oil on a daily basis to prevent dryness […]

  • Best Men’s Beard Care Natural Ingredients

    One of the most essential aspects of daily beard care is shampooing. Regular shampooing helps to make the beard softer. Besides that, daily combing helps too. Lifestyle and nutrition also play an important role. You can make your beard soft by reducing the stress level of your life and adopting healthy habits. Listed below are […]